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Maximize PR for your startup when mentioned in the media

If you’re reading this, then you or your business have probably been highlighted in an article or video, interviewed on television, or written something that has been published. Congratulations! Most business owners haven’t had much formal marketing or media training. I certainly didn’t. The Startup Ladies got lucky a few times early on and then once understanding the true value in the opportunity, got really purposeful quickly.

If you’ve worked hard enough to be highlighted in the press, then be strategic about fully utilizing the marketing opportunity. This is the time to raise awareness about your company and attract new customers. Below is an overview of how you can strategically share the good news.

Update your website

Immediately update your Press page to include a photo, link to the article/video and be sure to cite the source. If you don’t have a press page, then add a photo with the other information on your home page. If you landed praise from a nationally recognized entity, use their logo on your home page and social sites and say something like, “as featured in...”

Share lots of different images

  • If the piece has been printed, take a photo of the article and the cover of the magazine or newspaper.

  • Use the image from the digital link

  • Take a photo of you/team/product and the article

  • If you are on set, take a few photos in action and posed.

  • Video: make multiple trailers of sound bites (30 seconds)

  • Use relevant hashtags

Be purposeful about your posting frequency

There is no perfect science for this, however, posting more than one time is necessary to ensure that as many people as possible see the information. You will want to post on your personal pages as well as your company pages.

  • The day the piece is published

  • Following day

  • Weekend post - ICYMI

  • Use the messaging strategy below to determine when over the next days/weeks/months to share information

  • Year-end overview / accomplishments

Create unique messages on social media

You can have a lot of fun with this! Here are some different angles to consider when posting so that the messaging is fresh each time you share:

  • Celebratory: We’re so excited to be included…

  • Thanks 1: Thank whoever did the interview/story etc. and the publisher.

  • Thanks 2: Thank the people who helped you to get where you are now.

  • Honor: X is honored to be in the company of such esteemed colleagues…

  • Buddy: If a friend was mentioned in the article, post again recognizing her.

  • Align: Talk about the importance of the greater issue being covered.

  • Quote 1: Share your quote.

  • Quote 2: Share a quote from the author or colleagues that you support.

  • Ask: Ask friends to share the information to help your company.

  • Challenge: “If you’re still shopping for Easter treats, order this now…”

  • Solution: Use the piece to share how what you’re doing can solve their problem.

  • Overcame: Share how much work it took you to get to this point and how others like you can do something similar.

  • Secret: Share something hidden yet relevant to the story being shared. “So proud of what the product looks like now - it only took us about 150 tries!”

Email your family and friends

It’s not boasting - it’s marketing. Send your friends and family and email celebrating your win. Include an image and link. Ask them to share on their social media platforms. Be sure to thank them for all their support of you.

Send out a newsletter

People love good news! If you have some, then share it. Put together a short newsletter that goes out to all of your stakeholders. Take a few sentences to thank them for all of their support.

Hope this helps you to optimize the next time you are featured in the media. If you have any questions, please send them to


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