1. Is there a fee to be part of The Startup Ladies?

As of September 1, 2017, The Startup Ladies will be a dues-paying membership organization.  Be sure to read the answer to the next question - you’ll really like it if you’re a woman entrepreneur! :)

2. Why are The Startup Ladies moving to a membership model?

In order to grow the number of women-owned businesses and female investors, we needed a full-time staff devoted to the mission.  Membership dues fund the staff, programming, and The Startup Ladies Fund.

3. Can I attend an event before becoming a member?

Yes!  You may purchase a ticket on Eventbrite for an individual Startup Study Hall or Meetup.  Startup Study Halls take place the first and third Wednesday of the month from 6:00pm-7:30pm.  Locations move depending on the host.  We like to bring our budding entrepreneurs into successful businesses as well as co-working spaces that celebrate diversity every day.  As of September 1, 2017, Meetups will be open to the public once a quarter.  She-Suite and Founders and Funders programming are reserved for members only.  Visit our events pages to learn about upcoming Startup Study Halls and Meetups.

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1. I’ve never built a business before. How do I know if my idea would be a viable business?

Great question!  If there is a market that wants, needs and is willing to pay for your product/service, you may very well have a viable business concept.  You begin by doing something called ‘customer development.’  Simply put, it’s a methodology that allows you to understand prospective customers before you invest in product development. No point in investing good money on something people don’t want to buy!  Our friends at the IU Kelley School of Business and the Purdue Foundry can help our members through this process at no additional cost.

2. How can The Startup Ladies help me startup and scale my business?

If it’s true that you are the sum of the five people closest to you, and you want to start a business, it’s important to be surrounded by entrepreneurs and investors who are where you want to be.  It’s also really important to be close to fellow entrepreneurs and investors who are going through the same thing that you’re going through.  Being a founder has proven for many to be an isolating experience - but, it doesn’t have to be.  The Startup Ladies have built a thriving community of entrepreneurs and investors, created startup and scale-up education and provide access to potential clients and investors who can help you go from concept to market.

3. I need funding for my startup. Is there funding available through The Startup Ladies?

Yes!  In an effort to increase the amount of money being invested into women-owned, women-led companies, Kristen Cooper has created The Startup Ladies Fund.  Members who have met the educational and preparation requirements may apply for funding.  Additionally, Startup Ladies board member, Dr. Lisa Hoverman works with members to identify SBIR/STTR grants funded by the federal government to help fund for-profit startups grow. 

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1. I’ve never invested in a startup before. How can I invest in a women-owned startup?

Thank you for asking. :)  Did you know that women founders yield greater ROIs compared to their male counterparts?  It’s true.  Investing in women-owned, women-led businesses will grow the economy and decrease the gender disparity in the startup/investment world.  If you have the financial capacity to make investments of $5,000+, we invite you to become a member and participate in our monthly educational series for first-time investors.

2. What is The Startup Ladies Fund?

$100 from every ‘Investor’ and ‘Support Services’ membership is allocated to The Startup Ladies Fund.  The Fund provides grants to member-owned companies trying to prove out a concept.  Funding at this stage is difficult to secure on the coasts, and is nearly impossible to raise in the Midwest.  While there are plenty of Hoosiers with disposable income, most have no idea how to invest in a startup.  We’re changing that!  That Startup Ladies Fund raises awareness around new women-owned, women-led startups and provides the money needed to keep growing.

3. Will The Startup Ladies help me connect with Startups so that I can invest directly?

Yes!  There are NO finder’s fees.  Some brokers will take between 10%-20% for sourcing a deal.  The Startup Ladies connect members starting up businesses to members investing in businesses.  We’ll train you on the process of investing in the Startup and then help you connect directly with founders building scalable businesses. 

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1. How can my company sponsor The Startup Ladies?

In thanks and recognition of our sponsors, we provide sponsorship packages that support your business and The Startup Ladies.  If you are interested in becoming an event, program, or intern sponsor, please contact Kristen Cooper at Kristen@TheStartupLadies.org.

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1. Is there a Startup Ladies chapter in my city?

Currently, there are chapters in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, and Bloomington.  Wish there was one in your city?  You may be the one who can make that happen.

2. How can I startup a chapter in my city?

Are you well connected in your town?  Do you know a number of women who have an idea for a startup, but haven’t built a business before?  Are you someone who is an advocate of diversity and good at making people feel included?  If you answered yes to those three questions, you might be a great chapter leader.  To learn more, please contact Kristen Cooper at Kristen@TheStartupLadies.org.