Have an idea for a startup?

Begin by attending one of our events.

Invest in yourself first. Budget time every month to learn from the experts, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and grow your network of influencers. We offer a variety of programming to educate budding entrepreneurs and investors. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event soon. All events require advance registration.




Startup Study Hall

Frequency:  1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month  

Audience:   Members & Public

Startup Study Halls provide the structure, consistency, and accountability to help you focus on moving your idea forward.


Executive Mentors focus on one topic specific to starting up and/or scaling a business.  Mentors provide case studies and actionable next steps so that what you learn in Study Hall can be applied immediately to your business.


6:00 pm - Eat, chat and find your seat

6:10 pm​ - Welcome

6:15 pm - Executive Mentor leads discussion

7:20 pm - Create 1 goal to be completed within 2 weeks - Executive Mentors will follow up with each student

7:30 pm - Wrap up


*Attendees often stay about 1 hour afterward to mingle and discuss what was covered. This is a great opportunity to spend 1:1 time with mentors in attendance.

Startup Study Hall:

Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs

Frequency:  2nd Friday of the month

Audience:   Members & Public

Mental health is often ignored while starting up a company - there’s just too much to do.  After listening to hundreds of founders discuss the many challenges they have faced, it became clear that we needed a deliberate way to talk about mental health in a professional setting.

This program provides education about the psychological challenges that entrepreneurs experience regularly while providing actionable steps to make positive changes. The goal of this program is to promote emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Note: The Startup Ladies does not offer individual or group mental health counseling. Although issues of mental health are inherent in entrepreneurship, Startup Study halls are not a replacement for a therapeutic setting.



Frequency:  Quarterly  

Audience:   Members and Public


Growing relationships with colleagues in your network and establishing new relationships with influencers who can open doors for you is critical when launching a startup. Community building is one of the reasons The Startup Ladies have been so successful building traction. We like spending time together - whether we’re dining at a woman-owned restaurant, going on a guided walk, or creating art.  We’re there for one another.  


Our Board and volunteer members will be in attendance and will be delighted to connect you to fellow attendees. Just introduce yourself to anyone wearing a rainbow lei.


Founders & Funders

Frequency:  Quarterly

Audience:   Members only


One of the reasons why more women don’t build scalable businesses is because they don’t have investors in their network. It can be difficult to secure funding to prove out a concept.  Lots of ideas are generated, companies are formed, but too many fail because of the lack of funding in the startup stage.  


Once a quarter, The Startup Ladies will host an event so that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get to know potential funders.  No formal pitches, just one-on-one conversations between people who want to see our startup community grow. Investors have the opportunity to learn more about funding needs and founders have the chance to tell the story of their company. The goal of this series is to increase funding in women-owned startups and identify and connect potential advisors to entrepreneurs.  Food and drinks will be provided.

Startup Investing 101

Frequency:  Monthly  

Audience:   Members only

Startup Investing 101 is an educational program for individuals who have the financial capacity to invest $5,000+ in a startup. Conversations will take place monthly and will cover the following topics: the process of investing in a startup, how equity works, how to evaluate business plans and risk, what is an exit strategy, how to support the founder, and the legal and tax responsibilities of an investor.  Conversations will be facilitated by angel investors, attorneys, and accountants who are experts in the field of investing in startups. Participation in the Startup Investing 101 program will prepare investors for the quarterly "Founders and Funders" events.


If more people invest in startups at this stage, we could grow the pipeline for angel investment firms around the country. The goal of this program is to increase the number of impact investors who fund startups at the idea stage.