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Need a birthday gift? Are you already shopping for Hanukkah and Christmas gifts? Purchase products and services from our members and help them grow their businesses. Just click on the links below to visit their websites. Happy shopping!

Almost a Farm

Almost a Farm is a “Farm to Fork” organic farm with on-site restaurant serving high cuisine from my farm-sourced food, complemented by local wines and ciders (projected opening date December 2019)

Dawn Marie

Jamb-It is a tool designed to hold open any type of door. Its hands-free, quick release feature makes the "ins and outs" of life safer and easier. Simply insert this smart doorstop into your door's hinge space, then quickly release with just a slight push of the door. No need to go back to close your door!

Lesley Miller

Shea BODYWORKS is a skin care company specializing in products for dry to extremely dry and sensitive skin. We are committed to providing all-natural, locally-made products. All products are plant-based, non-toxic, cruelty free and eco-friendly.

Saidah Pearsall
Cat People Press

Cat People Press celebrates the complicated relationships we have with cats through greeting cards, prints, stickers, magnets, hand-pulled screen printed shirts, and original artwork-all designed, marketed, and sold by artist/owner Rebecca Stockert.

Rebecca Stockert
Mini Minds

Mini Minds aims to provide comprehensive services that support the whole family, whole child, and whole brain. Their customized intervention approach to building a foundation for your child and family can be successfully applied to any of life's stressors.

Megan Peck
SmartNoggin Toys

SmartNoggin was created to provide parents and caregivers with toys, "learning tools" and information to help them encourage their baby's early milestones, with the hope of helping every child reach their full potential.

Marcia Haut
DNK Presents

DNK Presents provides guided adventure retreats for individuals, groups and businesses for team building, and client and employee rewards programs.

Danielle Wolter-Nolan & Kate Nolan
Scout & Zoe's

Scout & Zoe’s creates and offers the yummiest treats and chews in the universe thoughtfully made from USA-sourced human-grade raw ingredients. Our products for canines, felines, horses and small animals are free from added fillers, preservatives and chemicals. The treats are so safe, I eat them!

Cindy Dunston Quirk
Urban Chalkboard

The Urban Chalkboard Play Café & Learning Studios is a destination coffee shop and play café in Carmel. Families with young children under the age of five use our space like a coffee shop; to meet with friends, work, and play.

Jessica Beer


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