Welcome, Sponsors!

Sponsoring our educational programming is an awesome way to elevate your presence in the startup community.  We want to connect our founders and funders with companies who spend their time and resources on women-owned businesses.  Below is a listing of our sponsorship opportunities.  For title sponsorships that include all of our chapter cities, please contact Kristen Cooper at Kristen@TheStartupLadies.org.

Startup Study Hall series sponsor - $5,000

Startup Study Halls provide the structure, consistency, and accountability for entrepreneurs to go from idea, to market, to growth.  Executive Mentors focus on one topic specific to starting up and/or scaling a business. Mentors provide case studies and actionable next steps so that what you learn in Study Hall can be applied immediately to your business. Startup Study Halls are hosted in co-working spaces as well as in the office of whomever is speaking.​  You can sponsor a year’s worth of programming in your favorite chapter city!


  • Introduce the speaker

  • 2 free tickets to each Startup Study Hall in the respective chapter city

  • Logo in The Startup Ladies monthly newsletter for 1 year

  • Logo on The Startup Ladies website (homepage? sponsor page?)

  • Recognition once a month on social media

  • Annual Support Service membership

Founders & Funders program sponsor: $2,500

We bring our entrepreneurs together with our investors a few times each year so that they build trusting relationships.  That way when a founder is ready to raise money, she knows exactly who to go to for investment.


  • Welcome guests

  • 3 tickets to the program

  • Logo on program invitation

  • Logo on sponsor webpage

  • Annual Support Service membership for one person at your company

Intern sponsor - $1,000

Empower smart women throughout every stage of life with an internship with The Startup Ladies. We teach interns new technology, introduce them to our vast network, and prepare them for the very next step in their career. (Though our interns seem to stay with us for years. :)


  • 2 tickets to the annual Holiday Luncheon and Book Exchange to meet our interns

  • Logo on website

  • Recognition on social media once a month

Startup Study Hall or Meetup sponsor - $500

Need an inexpensive way to get your company’s name in front of entrepreneurs, investors, and the community?  Sponsor one of our individual programs!


  • Someone from the company serves as Executive Mentor and leads Startup Study Hall

  • Provide a thought leadership piece for the Blog prior to the Meetup

  • Logo on all related marketing materials

  • Recognition on social media

Food sponsor  - $250

Hardworking entrepreneurs need to eat! Your sponsorship will provide refreshments at our Startup Study Halls.


  • Welcome everyone at the program

  • Recognition on social media

Equality sponsor - $100

Over the last 4 years, hundreds of people have benefited from our educational programming and connections.  Thousands of people believe in our mission to increase the number of women building scalable businesses.  If you want to help create gender parity in the startup community, please sponsor our educational programming. 


  • Thanks on our social media pages

  • Startup Ladies sticker

*Sponsorships are not tax deductible, however, you can itemize your sponsorship as a business expense. Talk with your tax accountant for more details.