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Startup and Scale with us!

Since you're here, we know that you're smart, courageous, and need some help growing your business. We're so glad that you found us! You probably spend close to 100% of your time working IN the business. The Startup Ladies will give your the structure and support to work ON the business. Our educational programs and social events will expand your knowledge while connecting you to new friends, and prospective clients, advisors, and investors. >>>> Lets get growing together!

Confident Businesswoman

Scaleup Members

Committed & Fundraising

Fellow Scaleup Members are experiencing growing pains. You're in the process of transitioning from lovable founder to competent and credible CEO. The Startup Ladies will help you strengthen your C-level skill set, gain visibility, and access funding. Our Scaleup Members look like this:

  • Raising money or preparing to raise a round

  • Working 100% of time (or nearly) on the startup

  • Spending too much time working IN the business

  • Willing to invest time working ON the business

  • Value structure and accountability

  • Consistently feel stress, pressure & doubt

  • Highly coachable (maybe completed an accelerator)

  • Need ongoing education and 1:1 mentoring

  • Can't do it all by yourself anymore

>>>>  Sound like you? If so, select a Scaleup Membership!

Startup Members

Learning & Connecting

Building a company is exhilarating and exasperating depending on the day. The Startup Ladies build your competencies so you can confidently grow your company. We support product and service companies in any industry. Do the following Startup Member traits sound like you?

  • Highly educated

  • Industry expert

  • Identified a problem & came up with a solution

  • Never built a business before

  • Doesn't have a peer group of entrepreneurs

  • Don't have a network of potential investors

  • Exhausted free resources & feeling stuck

  • Need reliable education and mentoring 

  • Don't know what you don't know

>>>>  Sound like you? If so, select a Startup Membership!

Woman Working in Modern Office
Sales Agent

Remote Members

Talented & Isolated

When you live outside of major cities, sometimes it's difficult to connect with like-minded, experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and seasoned executives. We want you to have access to the most current education, and networking opportunities virtually.  Can you identify with the following characteristics?

  • Have similar qualities of Startup/Scaleup Members

  • Don't know many people nearby with similar goals

  • Limited startup/investor resources locally

  • Want to meet successful women taking risks

  • Looking for virtual events geared to your challenges

  • Need 1:1 support at times

  • Tired of feeling so alone in the process

  • Looking for a smart & fun group to connect with

>>>>  Sound like you? If so, select a Remote Membership!

Student Members

Discovery beyond the classroom

If you are a full-time undergrad or part-time grad student, and interested in diving into the startup world, we can help you take what you've learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world. Our student members have the following in common:

  • Noodling on a startup idea

  • Might want to own a company in the future

  • Interested in connecting with entrepreneurs

  • Hoping to meet executives at major companies

  • Want to become acquainted with investors

  • Looking for first job or new opportunity

  • Enjoy making new friends

  • Ready to be an active part of a community  

>>>>  Sound like you? If so, select a Student Membership!


Ready to GROW?
Choose the membership best for you!



  • 1 Membership

  • In person events

  • Live & virtual events

  • eLearning

  • Member Directory

  • Member pricing on special events

  • Private Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

  • Virtual Office Hours

​*Must be a full-time undergraduate or part-time+ grad student



  • 1  Membership

  • Live & virtual events

  • eLearning

  • Member Directory

  • Member pricing on special events

  • Private Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

  • Virtual Office Hours



  • 1 Membership

  • In Person events

  • Live & virtual events

  • eLearning  

  • Logo on Shop page

  • Member Directory 

  • Member pricing on special events

  • Private Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

  • Virtual Office Hours



All Startup benefits plus:

  • 2 Memberships (total)

  • 2 Summit Tix (valued at $500)           

  • 3 Guest passes to Startup

       Study Hall

  • Blog article about you

       & your business

  • Deck featured in

       private Member Portal

  • Opportunity to present to investors​​

Business Meeting

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