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Coach Roz Harris, Founder, Fit Chicks!

Over her 15-year personal fitness journey, Coach Roz Harris refined her weight management process and started a weight loss management business to help other women achieve the same results. After her first attempt failed, Coach Roz realized the importance of sales and enrolled in Techpoint's Sales Bootcamp. Along the way, she discovered a love of sales and technology. Today, she combines her love of sales, technology, and personal transformation into Fit Chicks, a training studio that offers weight management solutions backed by data and community support.

More about Coach Roz:

1. What is the mission of Fit Chicks?

Most women are smothered or surrounded by people who don’t help them. That means most women are not a part of a community that will help them to be healthy and happy. Fit Chicks! fixes that by offering a tailored fitness, nutrition and well-being program through our training studio in Fishers, IN and through a nationwide movement and online store that we call Fuel, where we show you how-to-do-it-right tips, host 5-day challenges and local meet ups, plus invite women into a monthly LIVE call-in show.

2. What made you so passionate about personal transformation in the area of weight management?

18 years ago, I weighed 240 pounds. At just 5’0”, I was pretty chunky. At that point in my life, I’d tried so many dieting and exercise programs for 15 years, but never lost weight and kept it off. Then, I got in my head that bariatric surgery would fix everything, but found out (sadly), that wasn’t the truth. Personal transformation was the secret to weight management. Like so many women, when I discovered a better way I wanted to share it with others.

3. How did you go about researching the weight loss industry?

Before Google was Google, I found little information on long-term weight loss. Then I started looking in journals and came across the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) and their research and papers changed everything. For the first time I could see what people who lost weight and kept it off did, and it was backed by data, not gimmicks.

4. In a sea of health clubs and diet programs, how does Fit Chicks differentiate itself?

What differentiates Fit Chicks! are 3 things:

1) we put community and accountability first. We exist for the 80% of women who want to be healthy and happy for a lifetime, but know that doing it on their own just doesn’t work

2) we don’t do crazy, which means our business model and program are built on proven results, not fads

3) unlike other gyms and weight loss program, we focus on the three areas that must be addressed for weight loss success - fitness, nutrition and well-being.

5. What has been the biggest challenge in starting up your business?

Finding a cash flow model (e.g., reliable, predictable, and repeatable income) was the biggest challenge to starting this business. I knew this because my first weight loss business failed.

6. How did you fund your business?

Initially, I saved enough to buy into a failing, existing business. It was like buying a “fixer-upper”. Then, when it was time to revamp, remodel, and grow, I raised cash through three micro loans. For example, the team at Bankable in Andersen were a big help with funding, professional service, and prayers.

7. What are your plans for growth over the next year?

Growth, now that’s hard. I’d like to see us up 15% in revenue by our 7th Anniversary in June 2019. That breaks down to 5% from the studio in Fishers, and 10% coming from Fuel.

8. You went through Techpoint’s sales bootcamp and landed a position as a Sales Development Representative. We know these are 2 steps in a much bigger plan. Why are these steps so important for you?

Techpoint! Thank you for asking. Fit Chicks! Is my 2nd attempt at business. The first one failed in 2010 because I built the operation, but didn’t focus on sales. That was an important lesson. Besides losing my business, I lost everything along with it. Basically homeless, I made a list of 20 things I could do to make money and the top 3 things were sales roles. Eventually, I landed with a public seminar company training hundreds of people on Microsoft Excel and Human Resources Law. I mastered a sales mode because my salary was 75% commission-based, and within 18 months recouped my life and bought a business that I turned into Fit Chicks! Along the way, I discovered my authentic self and love of sales, because sales is service. I love sales!

So why technology? I can recall how pharmaceuticals and good healthcare saved my life and improved my way of life, too. I've suffered from severe chronic asthma since I was 2 years old. Wanting to give back, I pursued roles at Proctor and Gamble, Eli Lilly, and Boston Scientific. Being a part of these industries was my way to make a contribution. Fast forward to today and I absolutely know that without technological SaaS, and access, I would not have been able to open and grow Fit Chicks to this point - where my team runs the operation and freed me up to go "back to school”. That’s what I call jumping into Indy’s tech industry .

Successfully completing the Techpoint Sales Bootcamp and joining a tech company brings together my love of sales and technology. Plus, this opportunity gives me chance to give back, make a contribution, and learn.

9. What’s the secret to a healthy lifestyle?

What’s necessary for healthy lifestyle isn’t a secret - good nutrition, effective, consistent exercise and self-care. So, why are we more unhealthy, more medicated, more overweight, and more confused than ever before? What’s the secret to ACHIEVING a healthy lifestyle? Accept that a healthy lifestyle will require an investment of your time and money. Then, with whatever comprehensive approach you take to work on fitness, nutrition, and well-being, do the work in a positive community with other women.

10. How have The Startup Ladies helped you grow?

The Startup Ladies gave me community, because I believe my best self doesn’t happen outside of community. Within this community, I get a blend of strategy, emotional fierceness, and ongoing mentoring.. Over the past two years, I’ve learned to define myself as a business owner rather than a serial entrepreneur, sharpen my financial strategy, and serve others like me. The Startup Ladies is home.

Twitter: @RozRHarris

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