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Meet the Co-Founders of Haute Life Magazine

After working in retail management for 20 years, Lori Mitchell decided it was time to be her own boss. She teamed up with Yvette Morgan, seasoned small business owner of Modern Charm boutique, to start up a magazine for the Terre Haute area featuring boutiques, women entrepreneurs, and women who otherwise may not have a creative outlet. Haute Life Magazine is dedicated to helping women recognize their courage and bravery in all that they do, and inspire women to seek their own passions. Each issue features stories about fashion, home, fitness, food, and real stories about real women that will inspire you.

More about Haute Life Magazine:

1. How often is Haute Life Magazine published?

Haute Life will be a quarterly magazine, with the first issue beginning this October.

2. How is Haute Life Magazine different from other magazines?

We feature local women in the Wabash Valley who tell their personal stories, and we highlight women entrepreneurs here in the Valley who may not otherwise have a voice. A portion of the proceeds are donated to P.I.N.K. of Terre Haute, a breast cancer organization where the money stays local.

3. What was the biggest challenge starting up your business?

One of our biggest challenges has been financing the magazine. We've been fortunate enough to have many advertisers, and a sponsorship from Union Health. Neither one of us were even sure where to begin, as we've never created a publication! We just have a passion for business, and print magazines, and knew we had to pursue this startup.

4. What are your plans for growth over the next year?

We plan to expand the magazine to reach more women throughout the state of Indiana, not just here in the Wabash Valley. We hope to turn our passion for creating this magazine into a career alongside our boutiques. Our plans to expand include selling at more locations, hiring a staff, continuing to grow our contributors, and establishing a Haute Life brick and mortar office.

5. What advice do you have for other women thinking about starting up a business?

Our advice is to have the guts to do it - to not let fear of the unknown stop you. Seek your passion, and go for it. As you grow, you will determine where your passion truly lies. Surround yourself with positive people who are supportive of you and your ideas; your posse is everything.

6. How have The Startup Ladies helped you with building your business?

We have been fortunate to have connections at Launch Terre Haute, who have put us in contact with other organizations including the Startup Ladies, and women in business who have supported us on this venture. Shelley Klingerman has been a huge support, not only contributing, but seeking out connections for us to collaborate with. Attending some of the Startup Ladies meetings has been a powerful and positive influence to keep moving, and to know that we can do this.

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