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Build your Marketing Strategy for Sustained Revenue Growth

Watch the full Startup Study Hall with Matt by clicking on the play button above.

The Startup Ladies kicked off their Startup Study Hall series on January 25 at noon ET via Livestream on Facebook. A bit of a twist compared to their typical Study Halls that usually take place in the evening. More members are joining from other states, so our leadership team decided that we needed to host at least one live + virtual event each month so members can participate from wherever they are in the world. 

In 2024, members and friends can plan to join us the first Wednesday of every month at noon ET for an hour on Zoom. Some months, we’ll feature our Startup Study Hall program and other months we’ll offer our Mental Wellness for Business program. Either way, you are sure to learn a lot in the comfort of your home, at the office, or during a commute.

Matt Holz, marketing leader at Found Search Marketing 360 was first on deck to serve as Executive Mentor and teach during the first Startup Study Hall of the New Year. His expertise is in developing marketing strategies for revenue growth was just what newbie founders and scaling entrepreneurs needed as they think about how to budget their time and money to ensure the revenue increases.

What did you miss?
  • Importance of understanding the target market, creating awareness, and converting prospects into customers, while adapting to the evolving digital marketing landscape. 

  • Why you need to focus on first-party data and event-based strategies to optimize campaigns and pursue new digital strategies. 

  • Necessity of content for marketing and the role of AI in building and disseminating it. 

  • Importance of attribution in understanding which channels drive revenue for an organization and the role of MQLs in targeting specific market needs. 

  • Consider the intent of different channels and the importance of right-sizing measurement to align with the goals of each campaign. 

  • How to build a digital marketing strategy that converts leads into followers and paying customers.

Watch the full Startup Study Hall with Matt by clicking on the "stream now" image above.

10 Takeaways from Matt

  1. Prospects and buyers are more informed than ever  –  Create engaging and informative content to help generate marketing qualified leads that are ready to speak to sales.

  2. Start preparing for the loss of cookies and signals immediately – Utilize first party data and create custom audience segments to help optimize campaign targeting.

  3. Embrace AI tools – Generate new ideas and content outlines so you can produce valuable content efficiently. AI can help enhance marketing efforts but not replace the human strategic element. 

  4. Budget Approach –  Consider the cost of customer acquisition and the lifetime value of the customer when setting budgets. This will allow better focus on your ideal customer profile and efficient use of budget to reach them.

  5. Clearly define your business goals – Your business goals must be defined first before building a marketing strategy.

  6. Review and validate your product-market fit  Highlight your product or service differentiation and competitive advantage with campaign messaging and new content.

  7. Obsess over the data to optimize spend – Review GA4 and CRM data and prioritize your efforts around the channels that are contributing most to revenue. Reduce spend in channels that are not producing results.

  8. Create a testing plan – Allocate a portion of your budget to test new tactics. Use the findings to do more of what works and to also learn from failures.

  9. Review your competitor landscape – This will help when building your marketing plan, especially those competitors in the organic search space. Identify gaps and areas of improvement and incorporate them into your plan.

  10. Refine and revisit your Go-to-market strategy –  Are sales and marketing aligned?  Are you addressing the ideal client profile (ICP) and measuring progress off the same metrics?

Contact Matt at Found Search Marketing 360

Matt and the FSM360 team are happy to meet and discuss your revenue growth goals. 

They can help with your overall marketing strategy, campaign planning or advise on how to sharpen your current marketing plan.

Please reach out to Matt at to discuss ways FSM360 can help grow your business.


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