Carrie Griffith, CEO & Founder, Little Nugget

Little Nugget was inspired by the birth of Carrie's daughter. As a new mom, she was obsessed with documenting every big moment in her daughter's life. Each month she would take hundreds of photos on her phone. At the time, social media was one of my only options to digitally document her daughter's milestones and share them with extended family and friends.

Like many other parents, Carrie was hesitant to over-share her daughter's every milestone on social media. To strike a balance, she settled on sharing a monthly update of her daughter's life. The post was used to replace her daughter's baby book in every respect. She'd take her daughter's photo, upload it to her computer, then add text to the photo using PowerPoint. The process took hours to complete, but the response from her friends and family was incredible. Every mont