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Pam Cooper, Founder, Boosterville - Friend, Mentor & Client

Darcy Lee (L) and Pam Cooper (R)

The Startup Ladies Luncheons have given me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with so many intelligent, passionate, and driven women. Some are entrepreneurs. Some, like me, look to support women entrepreneurs through connections, resources, and encouragement.

I met Pam Cooper at a Startup Ladies Luncheon. Pam is the CEO of Boosterville, a tech start-up that will change the way people think of and go about fundraising. I was really intrigued by her business concept, and frankly, quite drawn to her personality. We made an instant connection. She was honest and straightforward – qualities I regard highly. We planned a follow-up lunch right then and there.

Fast forward to today. Pam is a friend, a mentor and a client. We’ve worked together on Boosterville’s messaging and content marketing campaigns, and have plans that take us many years into the future working together. She’s also a mentor and a friend – someone I respect and look to for advice and opinions, and who I know will help me without question if I need it.

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