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Our Mission = 
Your Growth

The Startup Ladies mission is to identify, educate, connect, and increase investment in women starting up scalable businesses. >>>> ALL genders welcome!



I want to learn from and support the startup community.



I need education, mentors, and funding in order to grow.



I want to invest $5k+

in women-owned startups.



My company wants to support startups and investors.

Education for Founders + Funders

Learn, in community, from executive mentors who will teach you how to startup, scale up, and invest in startups while creating psychologically safe corporate cultures.

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Study Hall

Startup Study Hall takes place the first and third Wednesday of each month from 6-8pm ET. Our vetted executive mentors help our entrepreneurs go from idea, to market, to growth. This is where you have all those "ah-ha!" moments - so you can stop banging your head against the wall and enjoy the ride! :) 

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Investing 101

$330 billion was invested into US startups in 2021 - women founders captured only 2.2% of that funding - yet women yield higher ROIs than their male counterparts. This program will teach those with financial capacity how to invest in high growth companies and connect you to investor-ready founders.

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Mental Wellness
for Business

Your mental health should be your #1 priority as a leader. Learn to build a psychologically safe corporate culture while reducing stress for yourself and everyone who relies on you. This series is led by psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers moderating conversations  around mental health.