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Advise a Woman-Owned Startup

Have you made it into the C-suite yet yearn for the excitement of a startup? Serving as an advisory board member for a startup might be a great fit for your passion and talents. Take a look at some of the key ingredients every founder needs on their startup’s advisory board. Think about what you might get out of the experience while simultaneously supporting the founders. If it makes sense, let’s get you connected to a local startup.

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Become an Advisor Member

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You've got the experience

Gray hair and wrinkles are not only desirable, they are an advantage. Board members who have skinned their knees plenty and gotten back into the game over and over again have the grit to help you get through challenges. They also have the perspective to know when something is actually big versus when something feels big.

What's in it for you?

  • Move at the speed of a startup.

  • Share the wisdom you've gained from your experiences.

  • Teach the skills you’ve been honing for decades.

  • Invest in women-owned startups.

  • Boost the economy.

  • Connect to founders, funders and corporate executives.

  • Gain clients.

  • Build friendships.

  • Have fun!

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Expand her network

This skill set is most valuable to most founders. Whenever possible, invite the founder into new rooms where they wouldn’t otherwise get to be. Write thoughtful email introductions to potential investors and customers. Help the founder save time by leveraging your network and platform to connect with someone you and the founder might not know yet.

Team meeting

An open seat is waiting for YOU!

Thanks to X SPONSOR, for supporting our initiative to connect industry experts to women-owned startups!

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